For the entrepreneur who needs 'more.'

Listen sister, I get it. You're ready to make money moves and be all-in on your business. You're ready to make changes and figure out what's 'next.'

This is why 1:1 mentorship is perfect for you. I'm ready to pour out everything I know to you and get you to exactly where you want to be (even if we have to figure out WHERE that is).

and so, Brand Good Time was born.

1:1 mentorship

Monthly Mentorship is for the busy female entrepreneur ready to make big changes in her business (for the better). The beauty of working 1:1 with me is that you control your 'destiny' - we can focus on whatever you want under the umbrella of entrepreneurship (business and marketing) as it pertains to your growing business.

1:1 Monthly Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

I get it, you're busy entrepreneur but you are so READY to take it to the next level. Courses, workshops, and group programs are just not the right fit for you - you need one on one, personalized support. 

you're a good fit for 1:1 mentorship if

+ You are a self-starter and will make TIME for yourself and your business 
+ You are committed to the growth of your brand
+ You feel spread thin and potentially close to burning out with what you're doing now and are ready for a change 
+ You crave the freedom and flexibility you set out for when you originally started your business but feel it's hard to step away at this time

What's Included


Video recordings of our sessions for your forever-access

Confidence, clarity, and actionable steps to move you forward so you can starting seeing positive changes in your business

Weekly 1:1 calls

Unlimited Voxer Support

Exclusive access to current Brand Good Time  courses and masterclasses and vault of resources (SOP templates, content calendars, etc)

Hey, I'm Lauren! Your Sales & Marketing Consultant.

I help brands increase their share of voice and revenue through innovative marketing strategies.