they say 'it takes a village'

And to my consulting clients, I am an exciting, fun and innovative part of that village.

Sometimes your small business needs a remote CMO - and that's what I'm here for. With an agency background and 8 years of industry experience, I have worked with businesses of all sizes and am a pro when it comes to consulting on marketing and business processes to put in place to push you, your business and your team forward.

biz + marketing consulting

But Lauren, how does Consulting differ from Mentorship?

The biggest difference is this: consulting has more of a me-led strategy approach where I write strategies, come up with ideas FOR you, provide and often create written processes and sometimes dive into the trenches with you to get work done for various projects. In mentorship, I work more as a guide, shedding light and providing feedback and support as you work through creating your own strategies that you implement yourself.

My consulting services are best suited for small businesses and personal brands who have a team to execute the strategies created or the means to be able to invest in support do so.

If you feel mentorship might be a better fit after reading this, click here to check out those programs.

I work with brands and small teams to effectively consult and strategize on all facets of marketing within your brand. Included in consulting services are workshops, full-day or 90 minute sessions, and even on-call monthly retainers where we can cover topics including but not limited to:

Brand Consulting: For Small to Medium Sized Businesses

How This Works

Pricing Varies


I put together a custom proposal 

You're onboarded, and the marketing-and-biz-magic is underway

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We get on a call to talk about your business needs

You say 'A-OK!' and we determine a schedule

+ Marketing SOPs and Processes
+ Client/Customer Attraction
+ Brand Development
+ Lead Magnet + Opt-Ins
+ Blogging Strategies
+ Marketing Strategy
+ Website Strategy
+ Paid Social Strategy
+ More, just ask!






"Over the last 5 years, Lauren has elevated Contender Boats' digital presence with social media marketing and advertising campaigns. Our boat owners have noticed a difference, and the brand affinity that’s so important to us continues to grow stronger due to her efforts. Lauren has been an exceptional part of all marketing initiatives we release and we couldn't imagine doing this work without her!” 

–– Jordan D. | Marketing Director at Contender Boats


"When we launched our real estate brokerage firm in Fort Lauderdale, Lauren helped turn our concepts and dreams into reality. Her creativity and insights helped clarify our brand identity and messaging. She designed amazing marketing materials and guided our digital and social media campaigns. She is organized, attentive, and has helped pave the way for our continued success.” 

–– Don G. | Founder and Broker, Freebird Real Estate


"She was a perfect fit for what I needed for my company. Love the attitude and engagement!"

–– JoDee J. | Owner at Ivy Helix, Design and Construction Specialists


"Thank you, Lauren, for helping me get my brand out there! Thank you for the personalized meetings and helping me get some stuff done on the fly!"

–– Fran R. | Owner at Coach Franny



Hey, I'm Lauren! Your biz & marketing BFF.

I am a marketing mentor and brand strategist for creative, service providing entrepreneurs, founders and small businesses who are ready for that next phase of growth and expansion.