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Fun fact, I DID! I used to build websites with my former business and love it so much, however I only take on a few per year now to keep the integrity of my mentorship and consulting programs. You can learn more info here.

I love your website and wanted to know who built it?

Easy. 1) You like to have fun. 2) You are passionate as HECK about the services you offer. 3) You're open minded when it comes to new ideas and suggestions - especially ones you didn't even expect! Additionally, I work on two spectrums: with creative, service providing entrepreneurs to mentor them so they can grow and SCALE the heck out of their business. On the other hand, I work as a 'remote CMO' for small to medium size businesses with teams on a consulting basis.

How do I know if we'll be a good fit to work together?

Yes, I do! I love my consulting clients and the fact that I get to act as a remote CMO for them. I've worked specifically in the real estate, boating and health and wellness industries and have clients in them still to this day. This relationship is built more around consulting and great if you have a team who is there to execute the work. If you're interested in this service, you can find more information here.

Do you work with larger brands?

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Full transparency: I'm not really sure! It depends on where I am in my business down the line. On February 13, the doors close for this Mastermind and I will take applications for future launch at that time - so keep an eye out. However, if you're interested at all, I recommend applying now. Remember, I have payment plans available!

Will you launch your mastermind again?

Hey, I'm Lauren! Your Sales & Marketing Consultant.

I help brands increase their share of voice and revenue through innovative marketing strategies.