it takes a

While Lauren Bordelon 'runs the show,' these incredible creative geniuses help make Brand Good Time what it is today.

kyla patton

ya write
my branding team

kyla patton

max riehn
the cameraman

kyla patton
resident gen z-er

tori belanger
executive va

Kyla is all things 'help' for Brand Good Time. She keeps us young, fresh and on top of all of the latest trends. I do NOT know what I'd do without her!


Danielle and Maya brought my vision for Brand Good Time to LIFE and continue to support this brand with all things writing and creative.


"Hey Max, I need pics for my website." And the rest was history. Max is my go-to for getting the content I need to keep growing this brand!

Tori is the powerhouse behind the scenes of Brand Good Time. She keeps this business well-oiled, organized and moving forward!


Hey, I'm Lauren! Your marketing BFF.

I am a marketing mentor to budding entrepreneurs who want to market themselves online to their target audience confidently, authentically, and effectively without the time suck + overwhelm.