Ready, set, let’s SCALE! When you board the Smooth Scaling Club, you’ll receive exclusive access to a community of female business owners, one-of-a-kind business resources, ongoing support from experts in business strategy, marketing and branding, and monthly live trainings that will provide you with tools to grow your business.

All aboard for greater opportunities, business expansion and connections that will last a lifetime!


Are ready to change your coordinates to save more time and reach dream clientele

Have ideas for the growth of your business but need a little help to get going

Need support in setting systems up to scale

Are ready to take your business to the next level but might feel lost at sea

Need an anchor (aka an accountability system) to hold you accountable along the way.

designed for entrepreneurs who:

Imagine being the captain of your entrepreneurial ship 

where you’re always heading in the direction of:

Reaching your ideal target audience effortlessly

Consistently earning $5-$10K+ income monthly and able to smoothly scale to 6 figures

Becoming thought leaders in your niche industry

Elevating your overall business presence

Feeling confident in your own efforts

Ultimately, smooth scaling your business to where you want it to be

A monthly membership for the sailing entrepreneur who is ready to scale through 



Interactive strategy trainings

Exclusive Custom
& Creative Resources

Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs



everything you want, all in one place

Unique Login to Exclusive Membership Access

New Custom Resources on a Monthly Basis

Supportive Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Networking + Relationship Building in Your Niche

Monthly Members-Only Live Trainings

Increased Online BIZ Exposure

welcome to the land of saving time

You have a full time job and this is your side hustle 

Are wearing many hats and feel overwhelmed

You are not ready to make a large investment, but ready to make a worthwhile one!

You are a first-time business owner

You are at the beginning stages of your business

your bIZ will see growth, EVEN if...

DURING your time IN the sSc,

Business owners who are on the path to outsourcing OR open to the idea of hiring ‘help’ as you grow

calling all

Entrepreneurs interested in continuing to grow with other like-minded goal-getters

Personal brands or influencers willing to commit to the growth of their brands



I’m so happy I joined SSC, purely for the members
as my biggest conversion point.

As a successful biz owner who’s looking to scale (now in my 2nd Biz), I’ve learned that my biggest value in investments right now is
from the PEOPLE. I can learn about sales, or marketing, or content creation from 1000s of different people, but the nuances of those topics and HOW I learn about them makes the biggest difference to me. So far, I’ve immensely enjoyed getting to know the unique, talented AF members inside of SSC, and specialty have benefited from conversing with them in group calls, learning from them inside masterclasses and the FB group, and now am even starting to form long-term collabs + working relationships with other members. The community (of members -!: the creators!) and benefits from it are the exact reason I joined, and I’m 100% satisfied with both!

Alyssa M. @nerveclientstudio

endorsed by clients, and ready to serve you

what's included

monthly live training

exclusive facebook group


resource library

strategy calls

connect + network

member only login with vault of collective resources + new resources added monthly!

(special members only rate)

in your monthly membership


(dive into these custom trainings and resources when you hop aboard SSC)

Foundations to Scale 101

Social Media Strategies for Conversion

Be Your Own Influencer

TRAINING: Uncovering the foundational elements you’ll need in order to scale. Whether you're 2 months or 5 years into your business, this training is intended to pull you back to assessing the foundations of your business, so you can keep innovating and scaling as you expand! 

TRAINING: Join Maya, Danielle and Lauren as they spill all the deets on using social media to CONVERT clients and share resources that will keep your dream target audience coming back for more!

TRAINING: An EXPERT live training with Shyne Webster - As a personal brand or small business owner, YOU are the biggest influencer of your own brand. Let’s talk about how to leverage that to make more $$$ in your business & grow your community of loyal brand fans!

RESOURCE: The Market Research Method - access how questions and scenarios can be used to aid in the content you create to build trust with them.

RESOURCE: The CTA Cellar - Catchy CTAs that you can use on various platforms to get your niche to take action!

RESOURCE: Social Media Styling Guide - A ‘checklist’ to help you stay consistently styled and keep your brand on point across all social media platforms.

RESOURCE: Brand Evaluation - A tool to check in with your business goals to make sure you are still in alignment with your mission.

RESOURCE: Client Experience Roadmap - An exercise to help you formulate the perfect-for- you-right-now client experience for your business.

RESOURCE: Content Planning Template - Everything you need to organize creative content!

RESOURCE: IG Frames Design Template - Custom design resources made for you to have some fun!

RESOURCE: IG POST Templates - Cute customizable post templates to keep your IG fun and engaging!

Plus bonus design resources!

& more added MONTHLY!

You get led by 3 professionals instead of 1 - PLUS guest experts along the way

There’s a huge emphasis on networking and relationship building - we WANT you to work with each other if it makes sense (read: more money, honey)

Topics guided by YOU - the membership will be ever-changing to meet you, the amazing entrepreneur, where you’re at no matter where you are in your journey

Resources on resources on resources - exclusive ones that we don’t just throw ‘for free’ at our audiences - resources we’ve used to grow and scale our own businesses

Opportunities for you to lead trainings, share your unique skillset and get heard - we teach monthly trainings and offer those in the club the space to do so, too!


the difference between smooth scaling club and other online memberships


more endorsements from amazing clients

The SSC is amazing!

Anytime I’ve had questions regarding launching, a new offering, or business issue, I have gotten wonderful guidance and feedback super quick. It’s so helpful to have such an amazing group of women supporting each other and sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Bailey T. | @honeywavecreative


"This group is incredibly supportive"

The SSC highlights things within my offers that I wouldn’t have thought to hone in on. SSC is like a pocket coach that you can consult at any time.

Divine B. | Divine Writing Agency

"Maya is the epitome of true talent in so many areas."

She is a consummate professional, and carries herself with class and tact. Her energy is boundless, and she's an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Michelle D. | Very-Well Written

Collaboration over competition

IS one of our core beliefs

meet your captains


Hey! I’m Danielle, graphic designer & branding specialist, with a passion for creating customized visual identities & memorable branding for both individuals & businesses big and small.

I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of local Fort Lauderdale businesses, as well as brands from all over the world. If I’m not at my computer creating a custom design, you can find me at the beach, margarita in hand or at the local coffee shop. I love exploring new places, live music & modern art.


Hi!! I’m Lauren, marketing mentor, brand strategy consultant, & host of the She’s Busy AF Podcast.

I have a background as a former 6-figure agency owner & use my passion for creative marketing and business building to help entrepreneurs scale the heck out of their brands & TRULY enjoy what they've built.

 When I’m not on IG stories or in front of my computer screen cooking up new programs, you can find me on a boat, with my pup, or wrists deep in dirt in my garden. 


Hey there! I’m Maya, internationally published writer, educator, & content creator with a passion for helping entrepreneurs.

You can find me on Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha & Elite Daily. I've traveled to 50+ countries, which has inspired me to open 2 custom marketing studios & share all that I have learned with biz owners around the world who are ready to ‘smooth scale.’ 

When I am not at the computer typing away, you can find me outside with a glass of red wine!

brand scaling aficianados who are ready as heck to serve you

Entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely journey to embark on. When you are growing your business, you want to be surrounded by like minded goal-getters where you can bounce ideas off and be inspired by each other to grow and thrive. In this episode of She's Busy AF, Danielle and Maya come on the show to share our journeys as an entrepreneur: the challenges we faced and how we overcome them by having a community to lean on. Entrepreneurship can be fun when you have your biz besties cheering for you!


Wanna take a tour of the ship before you hop aboard?

No problem! HERE’S THE ship tour - made to help you navigate through the site more smoothly while at sea!



There's only so much you can get away with on your own for so long. Research and self study only goes so far. We live in a world where the digital landscape has never been so relevant, and we are always connected, but we can steer our entrepreneurial ship’s in any direction we choose - and that’s what Smooth Scaling is all about.

The resources, the trainings, the community and the support are all here to save you time - allowing you to be the unique self you are and shine on through the brand you’re so passionate about. Don’t miss out on joining this tribe of wavemakers.

frequently asked

When does my membership start?

When does my membership start?

You'll receive a welcome email with next steps, and then you'll be added immediately!

What if I feel like I don't have time?

What if I feel like I don't have time?

The beauty of this membership is that you'll have unlimited access as long as you're part of the program. This means, you always have access to the recordings and resources, even if you are unable to attend anything in real time; however, we strongly believe that making time for your business is necessary to scale and that's why we created this membership.

Will this work for me? 

Will this work for me? 

The strategies we teach are ones we’ve used personally to get our businesses to where we are today. It is our goal to break them down and share them with you in this format, where you can customize them for you- but ultimately it is important for you to make time to implement them. 

What do I get as soon as I join?

What do I get as soon as I join?

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to the club’s online community, so you can start networking your brand, as well as have access to the upcoming calendar of events (including live trainings). In addition to that, you'll ALSO receive immediate access to the first three month's of content and resources - so you can dive on in!

What kind of support can I expect?

What kind of support can I expect?

The founders (Maya, Lauren and Danielle) will be hosting monthly live trainings. In addition to that, we’ll be monitoring the group Monday-Friday answering any and all questions addressed to us in the group. The beauty of this is that all members can contribute and it is a great opportunity to meet others in your niche and in your local area. 

Will the doors open again, and if so, can I sign up then? 

Will the doors open again, and if so, can I sign up then? 

They will - however right now you’re getting access to an exclusive price. Prices WILL go up when we open doors next time as the value of the club increases. 

What if I’m just getting started and don’t really have a brand?

What if I’m just getting started and don’t really have a brand?

We’re big believers that you should surround yourself with people who are going where you want to go; if you’re a startup, this is a great fit for you to learn directly from other entrepreneurs, as well as our founders. We will provide support and trainings that will help entrepreneurs who are getting started too! And remember, if you need more support, you can choose to have a 1:1 consult. 

Will I be able to cancel my membership?

Will I be able to cancel my membership?

By joining the Smooth Scaling Club, you’re committing to 3 months of brand growth. You will be able to cancel your membership after the initial 90 days with 30 days written notice - but remember - if you show up, put in the work from our teachings, and take advantage of the community support, you WILL see results in your business and be able to develop a strategy to scale!

What if I need more support?

What if I need more support?

Danielle, Lauren and Maya will make themselves available to anyone who needs the extra support - whether that’s 1:1 consultations or deliverables at an exclusive membership rate for being a member of the Club.

What if the club is full of my ‘competition’?

What if I feel like the club competes with my business offering?

There is room for EVERYONE in the club! Just like there’s room for everyone at the ‘top.’ Smooth Scaling Club was designed to be a supportive community and a place where you can promote your business and strengths as well as LEARN from other entrepreneurs - the do’s, the don’ts and get access to exclusive resources we create for you. We are all talented creatives with unique experiences and that is what makes this community so special. This platform can be used to spread value, learn and grow.