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So I'll be honest with you, for literally 5 years I had no one to bounce my ideas off in my industry to give me an inkling of a hope that I was on the right path. And you know what, that sucked. I spent more time trying to just 'figure things out' with Google, YouTube, and testing things on guinea pig clients. It turned out fine, but with many sleepless nights, tears and failures. This does not have to be YOUR reality. 

These sessions are a quick, yet affordable and highly productive way to answer any questions you may have regarding marketing and your business and put you on a path of clarity.

Brand Strategy Sessions

Sometimes we all just need to sit down with an expert and pour out all of your amazing ideas, hash them out and get some actionable next-steps. These sessions are just that: 1-hour of jam-packed "help" to push you forward in your business.

How this works

Book me for:

$87 per sessioN

You'll receive the recorded session and post-session follow-up with my additional and recommendations and thoughts as well as have 24 hour email access to me after the call.


You book a session, and I'll send you a questionnaire to set our agenda for the session. 

We'll use our session to talk through the your questions and chat out actionable strategies and efficient processes for your brand

these sessions are perfect if you:

+ Have an idea for a product launch (digital or physical) and need to figure out the best way to market it.
+ Are struggling with your branding and need recommendations on how to make it consistent and 'pretty.'
+ Have a website and need guidance on the best strategy for conversions.
+ Need help figuring out a social media plan.
+ More!

+ Have an idea for a product launch (digital or physical) and need to figure out the best way to market it.

+ Are struggling with your branding and need recommendations on how to make it consistent and 'pretty.'

+ Have a website and need guidance on the best strategy for conversions.

+ Need help figuring out a social media plan.

+ More!

"Lauren gave me both what I wanted and what I needed. She was incredibly prepared and made me feel completely confident in her expertise and comfortable with her suggestions. She walked the delicate line of knowing that my company and thus my brand is my baby while also sharing her expertise to help me achieve my goals. I want to find a million reasons to work with her!"

–– Meredith M. | Owner at MRM Career Coachiing

hear what meredith has to say

Whether you're a new or blooming entrepreneur, these brand strategy intensives will absolutely change the way you show up in your business.

The Brand Strategy Intensive is a way for you to have a custom-created roadmap for your marketing and business processes. One that keeps you spending less time in your business and more time ON your business - keeping you from getting stagnant in your sales. Here are some examples of what can be included in your roadmap:

+ Getting clear on your dream client
+ Establishing your offer and nurture sequence
+ Steps you can take to create a website that converts
+ Effective social media marketing & launch strategies
+ Time management for your business (understanding what moves the needle)
+ Processes for tracking your sales and marketing data, and making pivots accordingly 

Brand Strategy Intensives

For the business owner who needs an efficient plan - and not just for your marketing.

What's Included

A custom roadmap with actionable steps to  move your business forward

5 days of WhatsApp access to answer any additional questions you may have


1.5 hour recorded Zoom Call 

Access to my vault of marketing resources (content calendars, formula-based marketing strategies, copywriting templates, and more)

book me for $297


If you're staring at the screen right now like 'ah, crap,' Houston, we have a problem. I'm here to help you fix that! I'm passionate about building websites that don't just look freaking AWESOME, but take your potential clients on a journey in unique ways that actually cause them to convert. And most of all: I help you showcase your story - the biggest part of selling in marketing.

The Website Experience

Your website should a) be something you're proud to share, b) tell a story, so that c) you can actually convert visitors into clients/customers.

What's included

Custom Sites Starting at:


Showit Website and Blog Design

Coming Soon page


Website strategy and development

SEO Optimizations

optional website add-ons

+ Logo Design
+ Brand Refresh
+ Business Card Designs
+ Email Templates
+ Brand Messaging
+ Enhanced Website Copywriting
+ More!

*Template customization also offered. See pricing guide for full details.

Recently Completed

"Brand Good Time was recommend from a friend and I am so pleased with the results. Lauren was right on it and delivered quickly a combination of my ideas with her ideas. It was a smooth experience and I only can highly recommend Lauren! You will not be disappointed. She hears your ideas and transforms them into something bigger and better. I love my website."

–– Bianka S. | Owner at Pilates Hub

this is what bianka had to say

I work with brands and small teams to effectively manage your brand and all of the facets of marketing within your brand. Each brand management plan looks different for every business. Included in the brand management monthly retainer are services such as:

Brand Management: For Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Sometimes your small business needs a remote CMO - and that's what I'm here for. I have worked with businesses of all sizes and am a pro when it comes to putting marketing processes in place to push you and your team forward.

How This Works

Pricing Varies


I put together a custom proposal 

You're onboarded, and the marketing-magic is underway

apply here

We get on a call to talk about your business needs

You say 'A-OK!' and we determine a schedule


+ Marketing SOPs and Processes
+ Brand Development
+ Lead Magnet Creation
+ Blogging
+ Marketing Strategy
+ Website Management
+ Graphic Design Needs
+ More, just ask!






"Over the last 4 years, Lauren has elevated Contender Boats' digital presence with social media marketing and advertising campaigns. Our boat owners have noticed a difference, and the brand affinity that’s so important to us continues to grow stronger due to her efforts. Lauren has been an exceptional part of all marketing initiatives we release and we couldn't imagine doing this work without her!” 

–– Jordan D. | Marketing Director at Contender Boats


"When we launched our real estate brokerage firm in Fort Lauderdale, Lauren helped turn our concepts and dreams into reality. Her creativity and insights helped clarify our brand identity and messaging. She designed amazing marketing materials and guided our digital and social media campaigns. She is organized, attentive, and has helped pave the way for our continued success.” 

–– Don G. | Founder and Broker, Freebird Real Estate


"My fiesta was the talk of the town!! My vision was SLAYED. This party was perfect and I thank Lauren and her team for making us look soooo cool. This was my dream grand opening party. She was professional and SO much fun to work with. If you are having an event for your business or a party or any social gathering and want to ENJOY the event, call Brand Good Time."

–– Alex F. | Owner of Hair Circus Salon


"She was a perfect fit for what I needed for my company. Brand Good Time assisted my with logo creation, branding guide, business cards logo rules, color recognition and did all this for a super reasonable price. Love the attitude and engagement!"

–– JoDee J. | Owner at Ivy Helix, Design and Construction Specialists


"Thank you, Lauren, for helping me get my brand out there! I love my website, my cards, my flyers and my Powerpoint deck! They reflect me and the message of my company which means you understood my wants and needs. Thank you for the personalized meetings and helping me get some stuff done on the fly!"

–– Fran R. | Owner at Coach Franny



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Hey, I'm Lauren! Your marketing BFF.

I am a marketing mentor to budding entrepreneurs who want to market themselves online to their target audience confidently, authentically, and effectively without the time suck + overwhelm.