hey, you ambitious female entrepreneur, you!

You're a talented individual who just wants to make an impact in the lives of your clients and in the world around you,

You've realized there's so much to be done - sales, marketing, admin and so much more and time is truly of the essence - where do you even start?

I get it, because I've been there. Whether you're building a team or a solopreneur, these tasks coupled with growing your business can seem daunting at times.

What you need is support AND strategy.

As a marketing mentor, I'm here to get you there in the most FUN ways possible.

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Explore the ways we can work together:

Stop the analysis paralysis, and stop purchasing workshops and programs from every coach/mentor/strategist you see on the internet. What you really need, as someone who may not be ready to work full time with a mentor or marketing consultant, is 90 minutes of face time with an expert.

My brand strategy intensives are a way for you to work one on one with me, deep diving into a certain area of your brand efforts and come out with a plan of action to start executing on IMMEDIATELY. Your custom plan is designed so you can start seeing major changes in your business in just 30 days after our session (so long as YOU put in the work).

Brand Strategy Intensives

A 90-minute intensive session designed to give you the ultimate clarity in one area of your business - marketing, branding or time management.

What's Included

An audit on your current marketing and branding efforts 

2 weeks of unlimited Voxer access to answer any questions you may have as you begin to implement your plan


Video recording for your forever-access

Confidence, clarity, and actionable steps to move you forward so you can starting seeing positive changes 

book me for $497

A 90-minute intensive with an entrepreneurial, branding and marketing expert (hi, it's me!!)

examples of topics:

+ You need help determining your service structure and offerings
+ You're looking for effective launch strategy for your new program or service
+ You need help with time management for your business (understanding what moves the needle)
+ You want an easy to follow process for tracking your sales and marketing data, and making pivots accordingly 
+ You want a content strategy to drive traffic to your business from sources other than Instagram

(Payment plans available)

"I was only 15 minutes into my 90-minute brand strategy intensive session when I realized you were the real deal and the investment that I made was worth it. Going into the call as a service provider, I had no intention of launching an actual product that would provide a passive way for me to make an income. By the end of the call, I not only had a more effective strategy to market the services I provide but also a plan to launch my very first product! She helped give me the clarity I needed to take my business to the next level.

–– Amanda T. | Owner of Copywriting Panda

hear what amanda has to say

"Lauren gave me both what I wanted and what I needed. She was incredibly prepared and made me feel completely confident in her expertise and comfortable with her suggestions. She walked the delicate line of knowing that my company and thus my brand is my baby while also sharing her expertise to help me achieve my goals. I want to find a million reasons to work with her!"

–– Meredith M. | Owner at MRM Career Coaching

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"Working with Lauren has been a dream! I've gotten so much value and customized advice in working with Lauren. She goes above and beyond and knows exactly how to steer me back into the right direction when I'm feeling lost. Lauren is the real deal, y'all!"

–– Amy A. | Owner at Cherries on Top

hear what Amy has to say

"After our meeting covering a brand strategy for me, I left with the clarity I've never had before with a great sense of direction for my business. You helped me identify what I need to look for in an ideal client, and building the value ladder and service suite was a game changer. Without you, I felt like I would still be running in circles. Now that I've fully identified my corse services, channeling what I enjoy doing and know how to do, I'm more excited than ever to get to work."

–– Annaleah B. | Owner at Annaleah Social

hear what Annaleah has to say

Monthly Mentorship is for the busy female entrepreneur ready to make big changes in her business (for the better). The beauty of working 1:1 with me is that you control your 'destiny' - we can focus on whatever you want under the umbrella of entrepreneurship (business and marketing) as it pertains to your growing business.

1:1 Monthly Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

I get it, you're busy entrepreneur but you are so READY to take it to the next level. Courses, workshops, and group programs are just not the right fit for you - you need one on one, personalized support. 

you're a good fit for 1:1 mentorship if

+ You are a self-starter and will make TIME for yourself and your business 
+ You are committed to the growth of your brand
+ You feel spread thin and potentially close to burning out with what you're doing now and are ready for a change 
+ You crave the freedom and flexibility you set out for when you originally started your business but feel it's hard to step away at this time

What's Included


Video recordings of our sessions for your forever-access

Confidence, clarity, and actionable steps to move you forward so you can starting seeing positive changes in your business

Weekly 1:1 calls

Unlimited Voxer Support

Exclusive access to current Brand Good Time  courses and masterclasses and vault of resources (SOP templates, content calendars, etc)

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Have questions on other services or anything that didn't get answered above? I have answers, don't worry. I thought of that too.

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Learn how to make magnetic AF content so that you and your services can become wildly in demand - ONLINE! Grab your copy of my Client Converting Content Workbook. 

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My podcast, She's Busy AF, aims to help the busy AF entrepreneur navigate the waters of business building and business SCALING. (Plus some fun time mixed in).

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Hey, I'm Lauren! Your marketing BFF.

I am a marketing mentor and brand strategist for creative, service providing entrepreneurs, founders and small businesses who are ready for that next phase of growth and expansion.