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This option is perfect for you if you're looking to sit down with an expert and pour out all of your amazing ideas, hash them out, and get some actionable next steps (because you're not sure where to even start). These sessions are just that: 1-hour of jam-packed "help" to push you forward in your business.

Biz Power Hour Session

A quick, affordable and impactful session to answer any of your questions regarding the marketing of your brand - including the back end processes need to do so efficiently. You'll leave this session with clarity and confidence to take the right next-steps in your business. 

How this works

Book me for:

$147 per sessioN

You'll receive the recorded session and post-session follow-up with my additional and recommendations and thoughts as well as have 24 hour Voxer access to me after the call as added support in case any further thoughts or questions arise.


You book a session and let me know what area of your business you're looking to focus on

We'll use our session to talk through the your questions and chat out actionable strategies and efficient processes for your brand


+ Product, service or program launching
+ Organizing the back end of your business to increase overall productivity
+ Recommendations on how to make your branding more consistent and 'pretty'
+ A website strategy to increase conversions
+ More!

+ Product, service or program launching
+ Organizing the back end of your business to increase overall productivity
+ Recommendations on how to make your branding more consistent and 'pretty'
+ A website strategy to increase conversions
+ More!

"Lauren gave me both what I wanted and what I needed. She was incredibly prepared and made me feel completely confident in her expertise and comfortable with her suggestions. She walked the delicate line of knowing that my company and thus my brand is my baby while also sharing her expertise to help me achieve my goals. I want to find a million reasons to work with her!"

–– Meredith M. | Owner at MRM Career Coachiing

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Stop the analysis paralysis, and stop purchasing workshops and programs from every coach/mentor/strategist you see on the internet. What you really need, as someone who may not be ready to work full time with a mentor or marketing consultant, is 90 minutes of face time with an expert.

My brand strategy intensives are a way for you to work one on one with me, deep diving into a certain area of your brand efforts and come out with a plan of action to start executing on IMMEDIATELY. Your custom plan is designed so you can start seeing major changes in your business in just 30 days after our session (so long as YOU put in the work).

Brand Strategy Intensives

A 90-minute intensive session designed to give you the ultimate clarity in one area of your business - marketing, branding or time management.

What's Included

An audit on your current marketing and branding efforts 

2 weeks of unlimited Voxer access to answer any questions you may have as you begin to implement your plan


Video recording for your forever-access

Confidence, clarity, and actionable steps to move you forward so you can starting seeing positive changes 

book me for $497

A 90-minute intensive with an entrepreneurial, branding and marketing expert (hi, it's me!!)

examples of topics:

+ You need help determining a lead magnet to grow your email list (where the sales go DOWN)
+ You're looking for effective launch strategy for your new program or service
+ You need help with time management for your business (understanding what moves the needle)
+ You want an easy to follow process for tracking your sales and marketing data, and making pivots accordingly 
+ You want a content strategy to drive traffic to your business from sources other than Instagram

(Payment plans available)


+ We focus on foundational business practices that are rooted in years of real, business-building experiences - allowing you to create long-term, sustainable revenue 

+ We take the ‘not so fun’ stuff and make it SUPER fun because never for a second should you not enjoy what you're doing in your business

+ We know that time is a hot commodity so you'll learn HOW to protect it and stop feeling like you just don't have enough of it

+ Ultimately, you'll learn how to scale your business in a way that allows you to feel like you can take a step back, finally, and truly enjoy the life you've built (without feeling like your business will crumble while you're gone)

The Brand Good Time Mastermind

A transformational, 12-week program for the service-providing entrepreneur who is ready to ditch the complications of building and scaling their business, allowing them to make money on their own terms AND create an impact in lives and businesses - including their own.

What's Included

3 one on one calls 

A community slack channel 


9 Group Calls focusing in-depth on business topics over the course of the 12 weeks

Unlimited Voxer access to me for the duration of the program


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Have questions on other services or anything that didn't get answered above? We have answers, don't worry. We thought of that too.

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Hey, I'm Lauren! Your marketing BFF.

I am a marketing mentor and brand strategist for creative entrepreneurs looking to become wildly in demand and scale their magnetic, passion-driven brand online.