Aurrie Hicks | Owner, Hopson Rae

Lauren Loreto | Owner, Brand Good Time

what is brand in a bottle, anyways?

Brand in a Bottle is an expedited, high-touch Branding, Web Strategy, and Design Service brought to you by Aurrie Hicks of Hopson Rae and Lauren Loreto of Brand Good Time.

We believe that impactful branding and a high-converting website shouldn't take MONTHS to deliver. This high-touch service brings you both services in 5 short weeks. 


Week 1: Branding & Site Strategy Kick-Off

Week 2: Branding & Website Mood boarding

Week 3: Branding Completion

Week 4: Website Wireframes Created

Week 5: Wireframes Implemented, Marketing Materials Designed, Website Launch!


  • Two logo concepts, with secondary variations, sub-marks, and color palette
  • Additional brand elements—including a brand pattern, icons, and secondary fonts
  • Two marketing pieces for print or digital use (ex business card, social media templates) 
  • Brand guidelines that include your logo variations, fonts, color codes, pattern styles, and template example
  • Custom 5 page website
  • 14 days post-launch support
Add-ons available. Download the investment guide for more details.


frequently asked questions

What if I have not decided on a name for my business yet?
This project is for ALL brands - startup or not. Oftentimes, brands evolve and new branding is needed to meet the growing business. Same goes for a website. We're here to either create a brand with you OR help you enhance the one you already have. Options are endless within.

What if I have not decided on a name for my business yet?
We will need that before we get started! However, you can reserve your spot in advance, and we will be ready to help once you have that finalized and confirmed. 

How many design concepts will you show me for my new branding?
Our process includes creating (2) brand design concepts based on the approved mood board. From there, you will have (3) revisions to the concepts presented. 

Will you help me manage my print process?
Yes, we can help at an additional hourly rate if you decide to print any marketing pieces that are created.

What if I need more than 5 pages?
No worries at all! Just be sure to mention that when we chat. Just note that pages can be added on for an additional fee per page and might extend the timeline. 
What do you need from me in order to make this a successful partnership?
We will need all content necessary to launch your new site which includes photography, videography, copy, domain information and any applications you want to have integrated. We'll discuss everything that you have in our initial site strategy call, though, so we can help you spend your time gathering only what's necessary. 
My current site ISN'T on Showit, is this a problem?
No way Jose, that's totally fine! We'll handle any necessary migrations that need to happen.
I already have the copy, I just need you to design & implement. Does this lower your pricing?
It does not -- mainly because we still need to have a strategy call to discuss any pages and additional calls to action that might not be included in your existing copy.