As a marketing mentor, I teach creative entrepreneurs how to build a profitable AF brand without the overwhelm.

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Hi!! I'm Lauren!

With my wanderlust background and relatable business running experiences, I use my passion for creative marketing to educate and bridge any gaps there are in your business plans.

What I do BEST is develop a marketing strategy that lays the foundation for your business. From having a BRAND GOOD LAUNCH, to recreating and analyzing what is and what isn’t working in your business. I guide and re-position your goals with a twist, and if it’s a Friday, I add a shot of tequila and a side of lime for a real BRAND GOOD TIME! 

Moving forward is what I am all about. My goal is to help you find structure, consistency and creative vibes. BEST PART: I make sure that you are not alone throughout the entire process and know how to help those who don’t even know where to start.


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Which means you may feel like your online presence is scattered, your website and Instagram tell a completely different story, and you're stressed because you don't know where to start. Don't worry, you're in the right place.

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I'm here because like you, I've had struggles when it comes to marketing my business online.

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A mentor to help me put together a plan for my business

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a website that actually converts business

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"Like so many small business owners, I felt completely overwhelmed as it related to marketing. There's so many experts and so many strategies...figuring out what to do for your business can seem impossible. Luckily, I found Lauren! Lauren allowed me to be the expert in my business while providing her expertise in marketing. She took the time to listen and truly understand my business so that her suggestions were applicable and on point. Most importantly she helped simplify a strategy with specific actionable steps."

–– Ronnie F. | iRestore Fitness

"Working with Lauren has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. She is so enthusiastic about what she does, so it makes working together on branding and website design that much more fun."

–– Andrea B. | Socratik Agency

"Lauren really took the time to get to know my brand and understand the direction that I want to go in so that we could fully communicate about tasks that need to be done. If I told her I want ‘X, Y’ done, she will do “X, Y and Z.“ She adds her own little “spice” to make it even better than you expected it to be."

–– Alexa U. | Vitality Health Coaching

"Everything that Lauren has given me has been absolutely amazing. She has created things that are exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for. The amazing attention to detail that Lauren gives to projects is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about her. I would recommend anyone to her and I already have. She is the best!"

–– Ashleigh H. | Owner at A-Hub Nutrition

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Hey friend, don't worry. i hate spam too. but this is the good stuff - the behind the scenes, tips & tricks and a few life updates here and there. 

Hey, I'm Lauren! Your marketing BFF.

I am a marketing mentor to budding entrepreneurs who want to market themselves online to their target audience confidently, authentically, and effectively without the time suck + overwhelm.