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marketing strategy, development & educating you on how we do it

Our methods aren’t hush-hush.

We want you to be excited by your results and understand how you got them so you can rinse, repeat, and refine your marketing over time.

With or without our long-term support. 

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Spilling the marketing tea[quila]... ‘cause good marketing is not a secret. 

Sustainable marketing strategy is documented and doable

A simple cocktail of data and creativity, mixed to complement your capacity as a business owner + team leader while consistently getting you closer to your goals. 

We craft detailed strategies and execute them to drive tangible results while letting you peek into our playbook every step of the way.

Want one poured up for you?

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Our mission is to empower brands to
 play an active role in their visibility through strategy 
+ creative marketing (and have a good time doing it.)

data-driven, never dull

Exhibit A: The job.

This whole thing started when I BS’d my way into a paid search job with NO experience. Just the paid search book I read cover to cover 3 days before [my first ever corporate] interview. 

It worked, and I got the job. (Still a little impressed by myself TBH.) But the hard part was in front of me. I had to actually learn the job. It was do or die. So I did, and I thrived. 

I transferred to their state-of-the-art social media room 7 months later (my real goal from the start, and something I was qualified for,) and did my best to absorb everything. I started managing ad campaigns with $100k+ budgets for recognizable brands.

But something was… off. Enter, entrepreneurship.

Exhibit B: The business(es).

Doing things someone else’s way didn’t sit well with me. So I did what you may have done. I started my first company as a side hustle while working at the corporate agency. 

Eventually, I had enough clients to quit my job, hire an employee, and grow a solid team of contractors. I’d finally figured it out!


I experienced every setback, pitfall, and straight-up stroke of bad luck imaginable. Plus, I relied solely on word of mouth for clients. As an online marketer. The irony is not lost on me. 

But, because I’m a pro figure-outter, I took things back to the drawing board, made a real strategy, and built a robust business. (For real this time.)

Then, I sold it. And went to work for the tech company that bought it as their Marketing Director. It was the perfect set up. 

Until it wasn’t. My heart, mind, and gut were pulling me back to brand-building and entrepreneurship. The new job with the fancy title wasn’t gonna work out. 

This was my moment. My chance to build the brand of my dreams with a new, clear vision of helping ambitious AF entrepreneurs use creative marketing to get visible and grow their businesses without sacrificing their sanity to do it. 

Thus, Brand Good Time was born. And so was someone else.

Exhibit C: The baby.

My greatest, most fulfilling challenge yet. 

And the reason I’m so passionate about customizing sustainable marketing strategies that honor your capacity as a person, a leader, and business owner.

I want you to spend less time figuring shit out and more time living. 

Your business should add to your life, not take you away from it. 

Ready for an unsolicited trip down memory lane?


Can you tell I just LOVED it?


Completely aware of the hair. Yes, I had really bad heartburn.


The 4th rendition of the logo - if that doesn't tell you how un-aligned I was with the brand

Hope Dwyer

Haley Johnson

junior marketing strategist
& Showit web developer

Marketing Strategist

Good marketing is backed by powerful strategy. Haley's mission is to help you create an ethical marketing ecosystem that leaves your audience feeling safe, supported, and totally psyched to work with you and as such, she's heavily involved in our 90 Day Marketing Plans.

Hope interned for Brand Good Time in early 2022 and joined the team upon her graduation. She's the rockstar behind the social marketing strategies for our clients and a huge key team member for the development of our Showit websites.

Lakes Wallace

Client Strategy Manager

Lover of matcha and outdoor adventures, Lakes is our fearless leader who manages our client projects and our team. She brings a detail-oriented mind to the table and ensures projects run on-task and on-time.

Hannah Dobson

content manager

Hannah’s love for design and collaboration make her a 10/10 Content Manager. When she’s not creating content you can find her playing board games and enjoying coffee with friends.

Brian Schnurr

wordpress web developer

Brian is responsible for the care of all of our clients' websites who operate on WordPress and has worked with Lauren for over 3 years. He has 10+ years WordPress development and SEO experience and lives here in sunny (but HOT) South Florida.

The BGT Pets

The Real MVPs

Meet the furry friends who waltz behind us on calls!

meet the furry team


Chief Pawsitivity Officer


Copy Cat


Head of Doggy Data


Head of Paw-blic Relations


Head of Tail-wagging

*Click to learn more about each of our furry team members*


Chief Pawsitivity Officer (CPO)

Dagny, a Goldendoodle, is the Golden Retriever personality of the team. She's always down for snuggles with Lauren and chasing lizards in the backyard. 


Copy Cat (CC)

Meet JPEG, the newest (and arguably the cutest) member of the Brand Good Time team. When she’s not napping on Lakes’ keyboard, you can be sure she’s on the prowl for new ideas.


Head of Doggy Data (HDD)

Queen of naps and barking at pedestrians in her dreams, Stella is the team's highly-calculated furry friend who will find any way she can to eat your food. She's Lauren's first 'baby' and was well known for a long time for having pink tipped ears!


Head of Paw-blic relations (HPR)

Meet Jenny The Dog™, Hannah's kind and energetic Border-Aussie. She is too smart for her own good and is most definitely always down for a Damn Good Time.


Head of tail-wagging (HTW)

Meet Hazel Basil, BGT's most vocal member. When she isn't napping, Hazel is most definitely barking at passerby's, destroying her toys, and begging for a treat.

Snacks. You can always count on us to have snacks.

A ridiculously creative mind.

Ridiculously creative minds (not just one).

Strategies to solve your business and marketing woes.

Strategies to solve your business and marketing woes.

Good times. Duh.

Good times. Duh.

what we bring to the table

what we bring to the table

Strategic marketing: the [not-so] secret ingredient to the kind of business you’re craving.

Get experts on your team who make marketing feel as fun as brunch with the gals (OR bros). 


and so, Brand Good Time was born.

Small strategic steps. Big brand Impact.

Welcome to
Brand Good Time™

Your one-stop-shop to gain visibility, convert clients & have a Brand Good Time™.

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