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design that makes you look goooood.

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You deserve a site you and your clients are obsessed with.

That’s where we come in, strategic mind in tow.

We design websites that prioritize the customer journey (and look damn good doing it) for creative entrepreneurs with a story to tell.

Want us to help you tell yours?


Whether you’ve got a gorgeous template burning a hole on your hard drive, you're ready for a refresh on your current site, or an Everest of tedious tasks to climb before you can officially launch your Showit site…

You can get it done and still make Margarita Monday. All it takes is you, our team, and one working week to complete. 

Hand over your website and hit ‘publish’ before happy hour.

What's included

Average Investment: $3000


  • A full day (8 hours) to customize your Showit website template OR complete web tasks
  • Pre-project call to discuss goals and nail down what content needed to be successful
  • Day-of kick-off call (AM)
  • Mid-Day Check-In
  • Day-of review call (PM)
  • One week of email support 
  • Loom tutorial for future tweaks

You choose what you do on your day:

  • Customize your Showit template (implementing copy, branding, media)
  • Customize your EXISTING website
  • Complete existing website tasks (adding/updating copy, tweaking design)

Payment plans available. 
See pricing guide for full details.

Get your new template customized, 
developed, and launched in one week. 

Showit Development Days

Get your new template (or existing website) customized, 
developed, and launched in one week. 

Dev Days are ideal if you fit any of the following:

  • You have an existing website and need adjustments 
  • You are new-ish in business and seeking a high quality website on a budget
  • You need to build out a robust single landing page
  • You already have an existing Showit site that needs some overhaul and love

With the help of Brand Good Time, we finally lit the fire under our butts [to re-do our wesbite] and HOLY COW. Going through the web redesign process not only encouraged us to think about the way we showcase our offerings, it FINALLY allowed us to creatively share the purpose and passion of the Hopson Rae brand. I already tell everyone about her and their awesome work, and now I have my very own site to show for it!

I’m SO pleased, proud, and confident with our new website all thanks to Lauren and her team!

– Aurrie Hicks | Owner at Hopson Rae

I was able to work a regular day with 3 quick calls. Everything was complete in one day and I was able to still tackle a busy day of my own. The process was so easy! The team really focused in on my desired outcome, provided me with a list of needs and crushed the website build. 

I was timid thinking I was going to be on several hour long zoom calls the whole day that would linger into several days. Not at all! 

– Annie A. | Owner of The designers concierge

I have literally already told 3 friends they need to hire them, saying, ”I promise they can fix your site and make it perfect in one business day.” I personally loved Brand Good Time’s ability to make it easy for me to understand the marketing reasoning behind everything. As someone who hardly understands funnels, everything felt so easy and strategic. Plus, the added ability of knowing what to do with my brand colors to mix both my fun and professional sides!

This was such an easy process. Hardest part was being patient on dev day waiting for each next call to get a peek, lol. 

– Brooke Jackson | Owner of Brooke Michelle Photography

The last Showit designer I worked with took 3 months to complete a project. In just 2 days with Lauren, we had a beautiful site that I was proud to show off to the world!  I feel that my new website perfectly encapsulates the level of service we provide to our clients! I'm 100% confident it will help increase our call bookings. If you're in the market for a new designer, Lauren and her team are a no-brainer. They go above and beyond for their clients!

She truly exceeded my expectations when it came to turnaround time, client experience and site quality.

– Jen h. owner at neat marketing

They helped me figure out what templates would best fit my brand and also how to use them. There were so many other things like making minor edits to my copy, suggesting different types of lead magnets, helping me understand SEO, and teaching me the ways of the blog. 

The Dev Day was an incredibly fast paced, focused experience with the best outcome you could possibly imagine. 

- Tabitha C. | Owner of The Callo Company

Take your potential clients on a journey from visitor to buyer by helping them connect with your brand using a mixture of good looks, strategy and storytelling that goes down smoooooth.

Cheers to a website that’s creative and strategic AF.

Optional Add-Ons

Custom Sites Starting at $5,550


+ Website Copywriting
+ Extra pages
+ Logo Design
+ Brand Refresh
+ Email Templates
+ Brand Messaging
+ More!

Payment plans available. 
See pricing guide for full details.

The look you want + the strategy you need 
to convert dream clients with your website.

The custom website experience

Pop. Fizz. Clink.

The look you want + the strategy you need to convert dream clients with your website.

Standard Inclusions

  • 5 fully designed pages built from scratch
  • Instagram Links Page + full mobile optimization
  • Custom-designed Coming Soon page while we build your new site (if you wish)
  • 3 rounds of wireframe edits (1 for home page, 2 for total site)
  • Opt-in integrations
  • Strategic Copy Guidance
  • Setting up on-page SEO
  • Custom contact forms for inquiries
  • Portal of training videos upon launch
  • Launch graphics to show off your new site
  • 72 hours post-launch support 
  • BONUS: Shopify Lite Setup + Integration for up to 8 products/services

A custom site is ideal for Your brand if:

  • You are an established brand - meaning you have solid branding, a good foundation to your marketing, and a clear direction and strategy in mind for where your business is headed
  • You want an entirely unique-to-your business look and feel
  • You want a website that will last you a very long time before major, business-altering updates are needed

And not just having one that I slapped up there. One that literally FEELS, LOOKS, and SOUNDS like me. If you didn't know me but came across my website, I think the vibe of who I am at my core speaks loud and clear by this simple yet impactful website.

After YEARS of not really having a website that actually represented the magnitude of what my business actually is, [this website] feels f*cking amazing.

– Hilary Krueger

At Table & Thyme, our goal is to provide an elevated catering experience and with that, it was due time for our website to match! We really wanted to capture simplistic elegance, highlighting menus, beautiful photography, and the ways we can serve you throughout. Just like a catered event, we wanted our website to provide an experience! We’re super excited about our new and improved blog, where you will soon find our favorite recipes and event recaps.

The custom design process with Brand Good Time was very thorough and collaborative, keeping us excited for every step next along the way.

– Table & Thyme

We came to her needing help with a website refresh and implementing our new branding into our site. She works super quickly, was patient with us when we were lagging all while gently keeping us on track. We definitely recommend her and would work with her again.

Lauren was such an absolute pleasure to work with; she has such a fun attitude but also clearly knows her stuff.

– Jess P & becca G. | Owners of modern vintage events

She was recommend from a friend and I am so pleased with the results.  It was a smooth experience and I only can highly recommend Lauren! You will not be disappointed. She hears your ideas and transforms them into something bigger and better. I love my website.

Lauren was right on it and delivered quickly a combination of my ideas with her ideas.

– Bianka S. | Owner at Pilates Hub

Lauren is very detailed oriented, a visionary and easy to communicate with. During our initial meeting Lauren took very detailed notes of what I wanted my brand to come across to the public and she ran with my ideas and created more than I could ever imagine it to be. She was critical in rebranding my company & developing my vision into something tangible that I am proud to display to the general public and potential clients.

Lauren listened very well to what my needs were, understood my vision and put it into a great looking website.

– James F. | URHealth Benefits

Recently Completed Custom Sites

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a logo and branding to start this process?

Big yes. Your branding dictates so much of this process. If you do not currently have branding and brand guidelines, you might be a better fit for our "Brand in a Bottle" offering. Click here to learn more.

I don't have copy (the words) written for my site. Can you write it for me?

You have two options here. 1) you can write the copy yourself using our content guide or 2) you can tack on an add-on from our back-bar for us to write your copy for you. We've done both with clients and definitely prefer to write your copy for you - as this heavily dictates design!

Can I use AI tools like ChatGPT to write my entire website copy?

While AI tools like ChatGPT can be a helpful tool in your copywriting arsenal, we caution against relying on them too heavily. These tools are great for generating ideas and getting the creative juices flowing, but they can fall short in understanding the nuances of your brand voice and the needs of your target audience. Plus, there's no substitute for the human touch when it comes to crafting a website that truly speaks to your customers. We have different ways we can work with you to develop your copy so that it does indeed match your brand voice (which is what we care most about).

What if I need more than 5 pages?

No worries at all! Be sure to mention that when we chat. Just note that pages can be added on for an additional fee per page and might extend the timeline.

What do you need from me in order to make this a successful partnership?

We will need all content necessary to launch your new site which includes branding, photography, videography, copy, domain information, and any applications you want to have integrated. We'll discuss everything that you have in our initial site strategy call, though, so we can help you spend your time gathering only what's necessary.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absofrigginlutely. How our payment process works: it's a $500 deposit to start, 50% due prior to the wireframing process, and the remainder due prior to site launch. We can offer further extended payment plans if needed.

I'm torn between a Dev Day and a fully Custom Website. How do I know which is right for me?

Dev Days are a great option if you have an existing website and need adjustments, are just getting started in the web (or Showit) land and want to create something from a template and/or are on a budget of less than $3K, need to build out a robust single landing page, or you already have an existing Showit site that needs some overhaul and love.
Fully custom websites are best for established brands - meaning you have solid branding, a good foundation to your marketing, and a clear direction in mind for where your business is headed (typically speaking, you have been in business for a few years). This service is intended to give you a website that will last you a very long time before major changes are needed.
Ultimately, we can help you nail down the best choice for your needs. Click here to book a call and we'll chat it out!

How long until my website launches?

The golden question! This depends on a few factors. 

If we are implementing a “Development Day” whether half or full, our process is intended to give you a website in a total timeframe of 2 weeks from start to finish. The site strategy call happens 1 week prior to the day of development and we hang around for an additional week after the day of development if we need to tie up any loose ends. Most of our clients who work with us for a development day have their site 100% “launchable” within 24 hours post-dev day. 

Custom websites follow a slightly different process. We average between 4-6 weeks for launching a custom website if everything goes according to plan (you communicate with us in a timely manner, we have all of the content we need from you agreed on in scoping, and there are no delays). The first week is spent in strategy-land. Then, we wireframe the design of the website in our fancy Adobe XD tool. Once you approve the designs, we then develop them in Showit (and/or the other platforms necessary). 

Once migration is completed and we are looking to create new pages etc. Do you offer any type of ongoing (maintenance, troubleshoot, improvements) service with clients?

We do. We offer monthly retainers inclusive of maintenance, SEO and also strategy (aka Improvements). All web retainer packages include a monthly report with findings for areas of improvement to maximize conversions. We're big on that!

Can we hop on a call? I have more questions.

Yes! Book a time right here.

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